martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

C++/CX & Xaml Data Binding

There is a few methods that you can use to make a C++/CX class with data-bindable capability. The most simple way is by adding an attribute to the class declaration:


public ref class SampleDataClass sealed

But, What about non-public classes? With the non-public classes you can declare the class by implementing either the ICustomPropertyProvider interface or IMap:

ref class SampleDataNonPublicClass sealed : Windows::UI::Xaml::Data::ICustomPropertyProvider
virtual Windows::UI::Xaml::Data::ICustomProperty^ GetCustomProperty(Platform::String^ name);
virtual Windows::UI::Xaml::Data::ICustomProperty^ GetIndexedProperty(Platform::String^ name, Windows::UI::Xaml::Interop::Type type)
property Windows::UI::Xaml::Interop::TypeName Type
virtual Windows::UI::Xaml::Interop::TypeName get() { return this->GetType(); }


virtual Platform::String^ GetStringRepresentation()
{return this->ToString();
} };

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